February 23rd, 2013

Consonance 2007

Consonance 2013 starts in just 7 days!

Our hotel block reservations is now closed, but if you call and ask
nicely they might give you the con rate still. Check their website for
a variety of deals they have available.

The hotel is almost complete in its renovations. All rooms have been
updated, public spaces have been refreshed.

Almost is the key word there. Unfortunately the restaurant is still
closed. However, the hotel will be setting up a breakfast buffet in
Champagne 1 Sat & Sun mornings during the Filker friendly hours of
10am-Noon. Hotel guests can order room service for lunch & dinner at
regular restaurant prices + gratuity. No price hike, no service charge.

For those who want or need to go off-site, there will be a restaurant
guide in the program book. I've been posting it in the FB & G+
Consonance & Filk communities as well.

You can also find the Program Guide posted in the FB & G+ groups.

Looking forward to seeing you all in a week.

Consonance 2007

6 more days, Consonance's online presences

Consonance online

Just 6 more days!

Consonance 2013
March 1-3, 2013

The web page is the primary and authoritative source of information for Consonance.

I post to multiple social networks various announcements.

Twitter: @Consonance
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LiveJournal: Consonance-Con

I also post to my personal journal and Filk communities on each network.

Last but not least, we still maintain an old school mailing list!

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