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JohnO's Random Musings

February 29th, 2012

07:57 pm - I'm on the Job Hunt.

I already posted bits and pieces, but to make sure all my friends know, here is the full (if brief) story.

On Monday I got the call: "You position has been eliminated. You have until March 28 to find another position within IBM or you will be let go."

News reports say there were "hundreds" impacted. Personally I only know that almost all of my group got the same call. So the chances of finding another position in IBM are small.

I spent yesterday and today at RSA making contacts. Hopefully they will lead to interviews.

So if anyone knows of a position for a Unix Messaging Expert, Unix System Admin or similar/related jobs, please let me know.


09:52 pm - Wadaiko Newark awarded Blue Ribbon for Maker Faire 2011

On the good news front...

Wadaiko Newark was awarded an Editor's Choice Blue Ribbon at the Maker Faire Bay Area 2011

This particular Blue Ribbon was voted on by the kids who attended the Friday Education Day on the Friday of Maker Faire weekend.

Full list of Blue Ribbon winners is at: http://makerfaire.com/blue-ribbon/

10:14 pm - Consonance Starts in 2 days

The schedule for the weekend has been posted. Workshops, concerts and Open Circles, OH MY!

You can still call the hotel and make a reservation at the convention rate. Just $75 a night, plus tax.
eta: Sorry I was incorrect about this at the time of the original post.
The hotel still has rooms available, but at their usual rates. Please tell them at check-in that you there for Consonance, so you count towards our room block. Also, ask about any discounts that are available.

The Consuite will be open Thursday evening, but not stocked. The exact time is up to your Consuite hosts.

Consonance needs your help! There will be a fund raising auction, so that Consonance can continue have International Guests of Honor.

As usual find more details at: http://consonance.org
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