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JohnO's Random Musings

November 7th, 2010

01:31 am - The weekend so far...

After the interesting start to our Friday...

We went to dinner with friends and had STEAK and no wimpy cocktail, we had Maker's Mark Whiskey to do the final settling of our nerves.

During the day today (Sat) was running errands and shopping for Chris, while I worked on my new drum. I had success obtaining a specific look I've been trying to achieve for several weeks and found the perfect bit of hardware.

We had a yummy homemade dinner of roast pork with a sauce made from the home grown apples friends had given us.

Then off to visit a very dear friend, who is unfortunately in the final stages of fighting the big C.

The cure for us, was *kittens* as another friend is fostering kittens who need socializing. I don't think they need much more. They are all friendly and not the least bit skittish, with only one being a bit shy.

We also saw _Red_ tonight. OMG, what a fun ride. Bruce Willis can act, who duh thunk it? Helen Miriam steals every scene she's in, including those she shares with the prop eating antics of John Malkovich. Unfortunately, the best lines give away important plot points.

And tomorrow is...


as we are attending the SF Taiko annual International Taiko Festival at Yerba Buena Theater in SF.

11:47 am - We lost a friend. R.I.P. Carolyn Kayta Barrows

Early this morning cancer took our friend from us.

Chris and I were able to visit Kayta last night for a few minutes.

Her daughters and brother were able to spend time with Kayta before she passed away.

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