July 24th, 2010


Very productive drum building day...

Glued up a ODaiko FPD*.
Ground out the interior of a another deep FTP.
Made a equipment run and escaped Harbor Freight with only what I went there to buy.
Supervised a student drum maker as she did the near final sanding and grinding out the interior of her chu daiko.
Some drum making area clean and organization.

We're (royal we, as in the Dojo's drum makers) looking to make 30-50 drums by the end of the year. This includes many school drums (small pipe drums), 8-10 FPDs, 10 or more chu daikos

*FPD - Funky/Fantastic Practice Drum. Made from the Barrel Ends, to create full diameter, but only 6-12" deep drum. Not as loud or deep, but full action and the right sound. And easy to carry to boot. I can carry 2 at a time.