March 15th, 2010


He's no fun, he fell right over.

Very packed and busy weekend caught up with me.

Sat Morning: Rehearsal for Next Week's Taiko show.
Sat Afternoon: Clean-up Dojo and prep all the equipment for Sunday's Dress Rehearsals.
Sat Night: Avalon Rising St Patty's Day party.

Sunday: Dress Rehearsal for Taiko Show.
2 full run throughs, with only a 30 minute break between them.

Went out for Pizza afterwards.

Came home took 1/2 a vicodin, because my knee and back were screaming

Around 11pm, the V kicked in and I crashed hard.

Missing the point...

We try to be good, so we often purchase reusable store bags.

Today at BevMo, they had their reusable bag on sale for 80 cents. So I added one to my purchase pile.

Clerk rings things up and asks if I want him "to break down the 6 pack of cider and put it in the bag."

No need, it's easy carry without a bag.

He then proceeds to put the store bag and my other purchases in a plastic bag.