October 24th, 2008


10,000 marrages at risk, make that 11,000. A common queston addressed.

Regarding last night's post by me and many others.

A common response is to ask is "where does the 10K count come from?"

I did some digging today, the base is a study from:

The Williams Institute
UCLA School of Law


Also, some folks have asked, in comments to my post and to other posts...

But the prop doesn't say anything about annulling the existing marriages.

True, the prop only changes a definition, but changing the definition changes the basis of the marriage. It is expected (souce unconfirmed) that the "Yes on 8" support groups would follow with a push for laws and/or lawsuits to invalidate the existing marriages.

"Are not domestic partnerships the same?"

I collected several ideas, but I think I'll just stick was a basic simple one:

"Seperate but Equal" is not was equal rights for all means.

...a drink & light meal...

Yesterday I tweeted about heading into San Francisco way to early...

The customer event went well. Lots of good information and very clear understanding of the vendors road map for the coming year.

Near the end of the day my sales rep invited me to stay for drinks and a early light dinner. No problem says I, expecting a drink and a basic restaurant dinner. Maybe steak place if I was lucky.


After sessions ended, we retired to the hotel quiet bar where we had an hour of socializing on the vendors bar tab.

We were then ushered into a private dinning room, and a 5 course gourmet meal prepared by on of San Francisco's top chefs (I missed his name, but he was recently the Sous Chef at the French Laundry), and capped by 3 courses of dessert.

Oh and all this was at the Ritz-Carlton on Nob Hill.

"A drink and a light dinner." yeah right. ;)

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