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JohnO's Random Musings

May 9th, 2008

01:57 am - First set of Costume-Con 26 pics posted: Johanna Cheesecake


40 shots of Johanna dipped in latex doing "cheesecake" poses.
All of these were taken at the "Reanimated Canine" party.
(Dead Dog or closing party).

Most of the images are marked as "moderate" which means you have be logged into Flickr/Yahoo and have your safety filter set to allow you see moderate images, before you can view them.


Still to process: Around the Con, Friday Night Social, Mouse-Kerade, Precon & Setup and the 1940's Bathing Beauties.

*edit to change the dipping sauce.
**edit to add photo, link to Johanna photos and link to "Precon & Setup" post.

06:02 pm - JohnO's Really Short Random Musings

The Daily Tweets of JohnOCollapse )

07:39 pm - chriso bangs on the big drums

bangs on the big drums
Originally uploaded by JohnO.

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