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JohnO's Random Musings

April 30th, 2008

12:03 am - cc26...words fail...

I'm bone tired, but happy.

890 photos taken and it was a light picture taking weekend for me.

3 full shows stage managed.

4 seperate loadins on Thursday.

Bathing Beauties and britgeekgrrl photo shoots.

Great parties.

Great folks.

Had some great conversations. Even if several were cut short, as I had to dash off and do something else for a show.

12:56 am - Clarification on the baby posts...

1) chriso did not have a baby.

2) Nor are we now Grandparents.

sidhedancer is a very dear friend of chriso and I.

She is one of our "virtual" nieces/little sisters.

When we first met her mother 5 years ago, it was "old friends who just met." And we were promptly adopted into their family.

Therefore we wanted to tell the world about her son's arrival.

As we have become Grand "Virtual" Aunt and Uncle.

As to the terseness of the post...

...I created the birth announcement post at 3:30am on my iPhone after a long busy con.

09:26 am - Another way to summerize what we did at CC26...

48 acts...

6 hours of rehearsal...

1 big show...


08:12 pm - sidhedancer's son has been named:

Darian Avery Romero

new baby cuteness warningCollapse )
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