June 11th, 2007

Spacesuited Cat

One month to the day, and there was much rejoicing!!!!

Cordy is home!


On May 11th, we came home to find the back door wide open.

Miles never seemed to have left the house. As he was sitting at the door simply sitting and looking out.

Rusty and Autumn came back home quickly. There were the sounds of a cat fight a few doors down.

However, Elana and Cordy, were not to be found.

We set out our live trap.

Over the past month, we've captured the ginger cat whose been annoying Rusty for months now. He got a free trip to the vet and lost his balls. Unlike previous capture, clip and release experiences, the ginger cat has been back, but doesn't bother Rusty nearly as much. ;)

Last week we caught Elana and have been dealing with her nightly yowling since. We think she was calling for Cordy. She is very attached to her mom.

We've also been catching a fluffy gray kitty, but since it is not annoying Rusty, we've been letting it go. Wish that one would learn better.

For the past few days, the bait crunchies at the door and along the floor of the cage has been cleaned up. 20/20 hindsight, Cordy is smart enough to avoid setting off the trap.

Tonight, just before bed, I checked the trap, it was occupied.

It was Cordy. Not happy, but not going nuts.

Bringing the cage and her inside. She meowed at me, but no hissing or spitting.

When Chris opened the cage, she scampered out, but didn't run INTO the house.

We are happy to have our full compliment of kitties home again.