November 8th, 2006

Pontificate - Obi Wan

Marriott Hotels are really really customer service oriented.

I just made 3 reservations with them. For Loscon 33, Baycon 2007 and Westercon 60: Gnomeward Bound.

We take care of the usual stuff; dates, room type, costs, taxes, confirmation codes, special requests...

Get to the "No Feather Bedding" request. chriso is very allergic and if the bedding stays in the room, it is guaranteed she will have a asthma attack.

CSR notes the request, wraps up the call, then says he needs to transfer me to "Special Requests Specialist."

After little hold music, I get another CSR who introduces herself as a "ADA Compliance Representative." Confirms this is a need rather than a request.

Then asks if I mind being on hold as she CALLS the hotels to confirm they can comply with the request.

{I'm on hold now as I write this...}

I guess I should have told her that we only need the pillows & comforter removed and a good vacuuming done, rather then a totally feather free HEPA filtered room.

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