November 7th, 2006


Took us till after 3am, but we're done.

Figuring out how we're going to vote.

For the big candidates, we usually know who we're going to vote for well in advance.

However, the smaller posts and props can take us forever, because we read the fine print. We look at the pros and cons. We read the For & Against arguments and the rebuttals.

A couple of the CA props are iffy, but mostly we're satisfied with our decisions.

I've voted.

At 12:30pm today, I was voter #93 on the optical scan machine.

I didn't ask if anyone used the one lone touch screen system.

No waiting, but 2 other stations were occupied when I arrived and there folks coming after I finished.

I hope all my friends who had a opportunity to vote today, did so, or will do so in the next few hours.