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JohnO's Random Musings

October 27th, 2006

01:51 pm - "Tuesday Nights are for Taiko (http://www.taiko.us/wadaiko/terry2.html)"

A little over a year ago, chriso and I started taking Taiko Classes.

We've taken 5 7-10 weeks sessions and 2 3-5 week sessions. Going on Tuesdays or Thursdays as our schedule permits.

We've made a lot of progress over the past year. I know 4 songs and play them through with only a few errors, and I'm still working on my form.

I've also become a regular at Saturday afternoon drum building. Helping out at all stages of drum making. I'm almost done making a FPD and will start a 2nd one soon.

I have volunteered to help with Terry's new beginning class in Castro Valley. Starting in January, I'll be assisting 1-2 times a month.

And finally last night Sue asked me if I felt ready to move up the Intermediate class. I'm struggling with form and memory. I also feel the need more physical conditioning to keep up. She agreed, but suggested that could I stay in the beginners class to work on those, but felt that I could keep up with the Intermediate class as they were going to be starting a new song with the next session, which starts in December.


So I agreed...

So my schedule will soon be:

Tue: Beginning Class in Castro Valley
Wed: Intermediate Class
Thu: Beginning Class
Sat: Drum Building, afternoon

05:34 pm - More Taiko stuff...

...almost forgot to post about this. I left it out of my earlier post so they could get a bit more of the spotlight.

Emeryville Taiko appeared on CBS's The Early Show this morning.

They were background performers for the final 'All-Access' contest winner announcement, who was being sent to Tokyo for the weekend. (Weekend?!?!) You could hear the drums all through the segments.

There were a couple quick shots several members playing and a 5-10 second close-up of Sensei Susan Horn playing an Odaiko.
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