June 1st, 2006


Caught up! if at least my must reads filter...

Finally found last Friday after a skip 350, then had to jump farther back as I played catch-up on Monday night and Tuesday day.

You'd think there were several cons with free/cheap internet access this past weekend. ;)

Still need to do my Baycon 2006 wrap-up and get my photos processed. Only 300 or so this time around.

Super short Firefly-Serenity fanfic

"...and so ends another thrilling adventure of the good ship Serenity
featuring your Ma and Pa.

Yer Ma's home by now, so it's time for you git going."

"Awww, just one more. Please."

"Sorry, I've got to get ready to preach tonight."

"Thank you Uncle Jayne!"

This has been bouncing around in my head for a while now, but would never settle down to words. I even gave out the idea at the Firefly/Serenity panel at Baycon on Sunday. Earlier today, it flowed out. I've actually fine tuned it a few time