May 24th, 2006


It can stop now! Another one passes...

gythanorth Gytha North passed away early today, after a fight against lung cancer.

Filker, Costumer, Recreationist and more. Many fandoms in the UK would not be the same today without her influence.

I first met her at Consonance in 1991, then worked for her at Intersection in 1995.

She was a great lady.

frostfox, Sue Mason, has a post with a great pic.
fleetfootmike, Mike Whitaker, has a post with her Filk Hall of Fame citation.

Education Theater Production Manager Position avail with my {employer}

Education Theater Prod Mgr

Job ID: RE.0601319
For consideration, please visit our career website at to submit your resume online.

This position supports Kaiser Permanente's code of conduct and compliance by adhering to all laws and regulations,
accreditation and Licensure requirements, and internal policies and procedures. Kaiser Permanente is proud to
be an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.

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Flash Gordon's rocket

17 years in the SF Bay Area.

17 years ago, I arrived back in the Bay Area after traveling around the country visiting friends and family.

At every stop in that journey, no matter the job opportunities or who was there, there was always the thought that the SF Bay Area was where I belonged.

There have been ups and downs,
good times and bad,
met the soul mate I never expected to find,
had jobs that sucked and jobs that were wonderful,
bought a house,
bought my first brand new car then did it 2 more times,
and somewhere along the line I became a grown-up.

But I have never regretted the decision to move here and stay.