October 8th, 2005


This is what happens when you say yes to a Con Committee...

This weekend is Silicon, one of the SF Bay Area's Science Fiction conventions.

Last week I found in one of my rarely checked folders a invite to be a panelist.
I responded that if they still needed me, I can do the usual assortment of computer geek or costuming panels.

After some back and forth emails I ended on 5 panels and 2 events.

My schedule for the weekend:

Fri - 7pm: Meet the Guests
Sat - 10am: SysAdmin War Stories.
11:30am: Posing for the camera.
1pm: Stage/Presentation Movement
7pm: Fan Photo - Line wrangling, posing and some Pit Bossing.
Sun - 11:30pm (i think): Serenity Fan Panel