August 21st, 2005

Ling Ling

How to deal with high gasoline prices...

Someone posted then deleted to one of the SF Bay Area communities a long how to boycott the big oil companies to force them to lower prices.

I made the following simple response, but found the post to be deleted when I attempted to save the comment:
***Edit to add: Note: simple, off the cuff, not completely thought out.
***Edit corrected a couple typo and mis-statements.

Having just spend over 2 weeks driving in the UK, $3 a gallon is not bad.

Try paying 80-95p a liter. ~3.20-3.80 pounds a gallon at $1.5-1.8 to a pound.

We were paying $4.80-6.80 a gallon.

30-40 pounds or $45-70 a fill-up

An even better response, cut your gas usage.

Use alternate forms of transit.

Public Transit.

Bike to work.

Drive a vehicle that gets high mileage per unit of gas/petrol.




Electric vehicles.

Turbo diesels.

Don't or cut back on your commute.

Work from Home/Telecommute at least day, or few, a week.

Work a compressed schedule: 4-10s or 9-80s
4 days a week-10 hours a day, 9 days per 2 weeks-9 hours a day

Change your schedule so you're not driving during rush hour.
Rush hour driving burns more fuel.