July 2nd, 2005


Live 8

I watched the original LiveAid.

I watched Live 8 today.

I'm watching the ABC recap right now.

I'm also watching the Paris Web feed (rebroadcast).

I'm very disappointed.

MTV & VH1 had the exact same feed, they showed 1 partial song from each performer. Cutting to "talent" who told you who you were watching, how good they were and how cool it was to be there. 1 or 2 performers then commercials, commercials, commercials. Bah!

Edit to add: The newspaper today had a story about the Live 8 coverage and they declared the MTV/VH1 coverage "Lame" and "Filled with hosts who seemed more concerned with telling you how good the event was, rather then showing you."

And the feed from Paris... I feel for the folks who paid to be in live attendance. 1-2 songs per performer then it takes 5-10 minutes to change over to the next performer.

Edit to add: The AOL feeds were uninterrupted and had no "talent" to interrupt, the flow. My issue was the short sets and long delays between them.

It's an important event, raising the visibility of an import issue, but damn it seems to been hyper commercialized and badly run.