March 30th, 2005



Yesterday, I had reason to dip in my employer's raw unfiltered spam stream. I have not had to do this for 18 months.

Sure, I look at our Possible Spam Quarantine often, but those are messages with a middling score and are usually very tame.

I think as myself as a bit jaded on the net, there is not much out there that I though would disturb me.
Make me Confused, Turn-Offed, Feel Pity for the Participants, or even Disgusted. Yes indeed, I thought I'd seen it all.

Yesterday, I was looking at double 100s (100 Spam/100 Adult).

After seeing just the subject lines of some of the messages, I felt like I needed a shower.
If I had opened any of them, I probably would have needed a waterfall to feel clean again.
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