March 17th, 2005


Good News regarding Cynthia McQuillin

Forward from James:


The ventilator tube is OUT!! Cindy is breathing on her own, although
still not very strongly, and breathing medicine is being administered by
mask now.

Because of the severity of the trauma to her system (this was a *very*
close call), it will take quite a while for her to return to
consciousness completely. Hopefully, she will gain strength and respond
well enough that the tube will not have to be re-inserted. As her nurse
said this morning -- "We've done and are doing everything we
it's up to her." Thank you, one and all for your love, support and

-- James

Previous Status Posts 3/8 and 3/16.

As before, email (johalloran at gmail dot com) to send private messages for Cindy and to request Dr J's address for cards & letters.

Public messages posted to this entry will also be forwarded to Cindy.
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