March 2nd, 2005



Except for some missing strays, this past weekend I finished ripping our entire CD collection to MP3.

I lost track of the number of actual CDs, however...

Music Match says we have:

8406 items with a total playing time of 601 hours ( 25 days) taking up 38.67 GB of space.

iTunes says we have:

8558 items with a total playing time of 33.1 days (794 hours) taking up 41.1 GB of space.

Difference is a few AAC files I've aquired over time and lots of Audible* content.

***Edit: Add link to Audible.
I've had a Susie Bright Audible show subscription for over 2 years and have downloaded 30+ books. Many have been converted to MP3, so there is duplication in time and item count.