February 7th, 2005


Minor updates...

Been very busy in my personal and work life lately, so not much in the way of "real" posts lately.

Not a "real life" update, but some stuff that has changed in my online life.

A couple of weeks ago I hit the big 750. Yep, I tried to add friend #751 and the system said "Oh, no you don't."
Cleaned up some broken/dead RSS feeds & communities, and finally removed some user accounts that I know have moved on to using other account names. Back down to the 720 range now.

I've turned off IM forwarding to my mobile phone for all the IM services I use.
I've been missing messages or getting them very late, and I can't reply to them on my phone.

If I'm off-line, leave me a message and it'll pop up next time I log in.

Note: I prefer Yahoo, but sometimes have AIM, ICQ, MSN, & Skype running as well. (ids in my userinfo)

I met someone at a party who knew me from LJ, but had not friended me because other folks would unfriend me, if they saw she had friended me.

Normally I avoid drama, but what the hell, I've friended the person I was talking to. I wonder who'll be among the first to drop me as a friend???

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from mactavish who got it from cyan_blue who got it from the Quotation of the Day Mailing List

"If the government truly wanted to 'defend my marriage' it would hire us a maid and a cook and prevent another massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from ever working on my husband's computer."
- Kelly Henley, in a letter to the editor of _Salon_.

I know better then to get into Evercrack or World of Warcrack.