September 11th, 2004


It's Saturday and I'm at Lupin, so why am I online.

Because I'm baby sitting a 15+ hour upgrade remotely.

How much better then it could be to work when nude, with dips in the pool in between (but without the laptop. ;) I know, having the sun and dips in the pool, but not having to work. :D

Prince was even more fun last night. We had 2nd row seats behind the keyboards and brass section. Could see over them for most of the stage. The folks with the stage side seats were screwed. They could only Prince when he came out the ends of the stage.

Dance most of the show.

He started at 9:30 and ran till nearly midnight.

We ate at The Grill at The Pavilion and while the food good, service was VERY slow and missed all of the opening act.