July 31st, 2004


Star Wars Battle Theme...

Random Life Story...

Long ago, I lived in a townhouse. Which meant that I shared a bedroom wall with my neighbors.

Unfortunately my neighbors would fight then make up. Both loudly. Sometimes many times a night. This irritated me to no end, especially as they would often do so late at night.

In retaliation, I finally started turning my stereo speakers to the wall. Playing the battle theme from the Star Wars albums, during the fights. Ravel's Bolero during the make-up sessions.

They never noticed my music choices, until folks at the weekly building BBQ asked me why I played these 2 pieces so often. I explained I played them when I could hear certain things happening. She turned bright red, He just harumped.

Next week at the BBQ their kids were talking about moving into their new bedroom. I never heard them fighting or making up ever again.
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