July 26th, 2004


Comment on someone's San Diego Comic Con (http://www.comic-con.org/) report..

In their journal, I felt this would come across as just snarky.
Rather then just humorous, but still snarky.

Serenity panel. *fangirls* Mal (err... I forget the actor's name.)

Thats it????

That's all you have to say????

The panel that half of San Francisco Fandom contemplated overnight roadtripping to see the entire cast on stage to see.

All you can do is squee over Mal????


Then again I would probably be squeeing about seeing Morena Baccarin in person too.
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catty - my cat Autumn

Stupid live feed directors!!!

No CUT because no spoilers.

I was just getting interested in A's story of her softball team in a tournament, when they switched us to yet another Holly whine fest with Jase.

Not important, but she was in the middle of describing the *big* game.

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