June 3rd, 2004


"I may be a Prince, but I'm not The King."

We saw Prince tonight.


Dance, trance, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Head Banging Power Guitar, even a little Rock-a-Billy. He started "Jail House Rock", then stopped with the above quote.

Little Red Corvette as acoustic guitar solo. He stopped singing at one point, then stared at the audience "There's no lip sync at this concerts. This is your part. Lets try that again" So the whole crowd was singing LRC. {grin}

He started an hour late, but music ran continuously for 2 1/2 hours. Prince took breaks, but the band did solos and he did the above solo acoustic set while the band took a break.

I may be growing old, but I'm not going to grow up!!!

karisu_sama muses on 26 years of going to conventions. {sorry, it's a locked post...}

Seems we are convention contemporaries.

My first con was Confusion in 1978

Went for Sat afternoon only, after taking my SATs (so it was probably June.)

There have been a couple years where I didn't have the $$ to attend or was overseas so I could not attend a con, but all in all that is 26 years of Convention attending.

Within a couple of years I discovered Filk, Anime (called a less pc name then), Costuming, Met Gordy Dickson (and drank his scotch), and, and, and....