May 26th, 2004

catty - my cat Autumn

Baycon ToDos...

1. Finish LJ Badges.
I have 48 done so far, got another batch of 12 queued up.

2. Laundry. Get our "brights" and undergarments washed.

3. Get our velvet bits together.

4. Pack.

5. Replenish travel bottles of RXs, remedies and suplements.
Need to buy Antacid and Glucosime

6. Review schedule. See what panels interest me and "book" the time.

7. Gather party supplies.

8. Get the tape the hotel wants us to use for marking things up.

7. Design party fliers. Print 10-15 copies.

8. Pick up food items for party.
Mantoo from a local Afghan restaurant.
Eggrolls from our favorite Chinesse restaurant.
Chris baking cookies.
Buy soda.

9. Gather camera gear. Make sure all have fresh batteries/charge spare batteries.

10. Find Palm devices. New batteries, sync, etc, etc.

Probably a ever growing list.
badge - LJ meet & greet badge

6-2-1: Another set of cons are upon us, so it is time to remind folks of the rule.

The 6-2-1 rule has evolved over the years and due to a hard disk crash, I lost the credits for many of the clauses and phrasing.

I post this often, but I did not create it initially, nor are all the additions my words.

Consider it a Internet collaboration...

6-2-1 rule

6 hours of sleep in each set of 24 hours.
2 good meals a day
1 shower a day.

6 hours of sleep
Yes you'll miss something.
Better to plan missing something, then to sleep through your favorite panel or the parties.

2 good meals a day.
This DOES NOT MEAN grazing the consuite or parties.
It means REAL fuel. Peanut Butter sandwiches, hot pockets, steak, cereal, etc.
"Chips, caffeine and a cigarette" don't cut it.

1 shower a day.
Cons are social events.
People don't want to be social with someone who smells like they have not showered in 2, 3 or more days.
Even if they don't plan on being social with you, they don't want to sit next to you at a panel.

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