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JohnO's Random Musings

May 19th, 2004

12:23 pm - General rant at folks who want FREE photo hosting...

...yet bitch they keep having issues with the pictures not displaying.


You could {gasp} pay for a real ISP account.

$5 a month.
500 MB web space
5 GB/month bandwidth

http://www.1and1.com and many many other really really cheap ISPs

I've never had my pics show up or RED X's or "Exceeded Bandwidth" image rather then my kitty or con pics.

01:11 pm - Not what I expected...

Found via link "Getting spanked by Perl" which I assumed was a link to someone having issues with the perl computer language.

NOT worksafe...

10:02 pm - Great final lines...

OK, Ok! Nothing to do with the full ep plot, but if you haven't seen the final ep of Angel, DONT CLICKCollapse )
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