May 7th, 2004


On being a first time model...

Not from personal experience, but after seeing a amateur self-portrait
model approached online to pose for a photographer in a different city,
I created this list of tips on how to protect herself during the process.

I took the tips I'd read on several different web sites and in photo magazine articles,
to put together this list of tips.

As usual, YMMV and this list is probably not comprehensive.

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Plummer recommendation...

Should have done this a long time ago.

When someone does good work at a decent rate, you should talk them up:

Plumber Recommendation.
Pat Rice's Plumbing
Lic. 553914

Based in Fremont, but he covers the general SF Bay Area.

He replumbed our house (feed and drains), added rear cleanouts, replaced our main (front of house) cleanout and visits twice a year to clear our main drain to the street (we have a large tree).

He subcontracted to a guy who does pipe camera inspections. It cost $200 to find out exactly what was going on inside our main drain pipe.

Spending that $$ first, helped us know what needed doing. Pat was able to view the tape and know that we didn't have problems with the pipe to the street, but at our main cleanout.

He said that even if there was a breach, the video could tell him exactly where it was, so that only one hole had to be dug, not a series of holes or worse, an entire trench.