May 4th, 2004


Hmmm, that's a thought...

Of newish (late Feb) features of LJ is that you can have the comments you made to someone else's posts mailed to you**.

I have collected 550 of them so far. I never realized how prolific of a commenter I was.

On reviewing them, I'm finding comments that should be entries in my own journal as well.

So expect burst of posts, as I go through my comments and make them regular posts.

***Edit to add***

**To find the setting:

2/3 of the way down the page. "Get comments you post e-mailed to you"

Bored in Las Vegas?

In response to someone asking for things to do in Vegas (Baby!)
"Current" sounding comments are in reference to our visit in November, 2004.
This is by no means a complete or correct list. It's what I know or have experienced in Las Vegas.

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