February 8th, 2004


Sunday morning bagels or Sunday afternoon woodwork.

Which has a higher count for emergency room visits?

I don't know, but I added to the Sunday afternoon woodwork column today.

I was up on a ladder putting in a screw to hold a cable at the theatre today, when the screw driver slipped and hit my pinky. "{$@^#^}" I shouted, but aside from the initial flash of pain, didn't hurt to much, so assumed it was the usual scratch. A little rinsing and bandaid and I'd be back on the ladder..

Looking closer I see it's a perfect X of the phillips tip, not stopping bleeding and the screwdriver is rusty.

{sigh} I had someone take me to urgent care. Doc glances at it, proclaims it not deep enough for stitches, but recommended a tetnis booster. Nurse cleans it, bandages it, gives me shot and replacement bandages.

1-2 days of bleeding/weeping, before it seals itself (because of the X cut). And watch for whole finger pain, swelling and/or fever, for a week in case of infection. Otherwise, just change the dressing and let it "air" at night.

2nd nurse (new to urgent care) was a little disconcerted that I was able to discuss my injury as though it hadn't happened to me. I explained my background in disaster response teams and all the advanced 1st Aid classes I've taken. Primary nurse took it all in stride, even my correcting the new nurse on procedure and reasoning for universal precautions.