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JohnO's Random Musings

October 29th, 2003

01:10 am - The LJ Meet-Up was fun.

When I decided to attend this month's LJ Meet-Up I had planned on it being a exercise in meeting new folk, as the the only RSVPs were from folk I didn't know.

Well it didn't turn out that way. {grin}

In attendance was:


6 of whom were already on my frends list and I know from RealLife.

None of the folks I didn't know showed up, or at least they didn't find our group.

We had a good meal, great service and better conversation. Gaming, tech geeking, fannish stuff and plot holes in Star Trek movies.

After dinner the group broke up, but dafydd, chriso and I stuck around and played some games. I noticed there are now lots of games that require physical movement, boating, shooting, DDR and even a sword fighting game.

After burning through our "chips" we cashed in our tickets (some games you win tickets, based on how well you did) for points and headed home.
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