July 30th, 2003


Thunder Boomies in the SF Bay Area...

...and I missed them!!!


At least I got a night deep restful nights sleep out of them. {grin}

As much as I love the Bay Area, the one complaint I have is that it has climate, but not weather.

Back in the mid-west damned near every summer afternoon you would get a quick set of thunder-clouds, some booms and a bit of rain, cooling things down. Every couple of weeks you would get a glorious all out crash and boom of major thunderstorm.

On our last visit to the Midwest, C reported that she was up half the night with the noise and fear when a thunderstorm rolled through, while I just sighed and settled into a deeper sleep.

During our trip to Mexico several years ago, the dance club at the resort had a large outdoor patio/dance area. On the final night there, a major storm came through. Just about everybody ducked inside, but a dozen or so of us stayed out in the warm rain and wind, dancing to sounds of the storm and to the view of the lightning striking the barrier island just a few hundred yards off shore.