July 22nd, 2003


Something crystallized for me today...

I read this post by elfs today and I think I've been going through a simlar process. I started to reply in his journal, but felt it deserved to be in my own too.

I'm damn good at my job.
I have a innate understanding of how the system works.
I can design and implement very complex system changes.
I can even articulate how it works and what the changes mean to my co-works and bosses.

That's why they hired me.
That's why they keep me on.

To mis-quote Sally Field "They like me, they really like me."

I'll keep my self-doubts around as a drive to get things right and worry about the little details, but I think I've finally discovered my confidence.


After I wrote the last line of the last post and hit send...

I had such a rush!

Here it is a moment or two later and I'm shaking with the truth of what I just wrote.