July 17th, 2003


Since I've started getting comments and questions...

I've been mostly MIA in July because I've been busy, busy, busy....
Only time for stress relieving blather on LJ.
I'm only ready my really core filter. Very few communites and ignoring the sys feeds.

July 2nd start drive to Seattle.
July 3rd arrive Seattle, start Westercon.
July 3-6 enjoy Westercon
July 6 drive to the North end of the Oregon coast.
July 7-9, enjoy the leasurly drive down the Oregon coast
July 9, arrive home (12:30am (ok, ok it was actually July 10 by then)around 6 hours later then we planned

July 10, work then to the Theatre to get status. "Crap! Hell Week starts this weekend."

July 11, LXG, not the greatest of movies, but a fun ride.

July 12, Run through for Gypsy in afternoon, attending "Beuty and the Beast" in the evening.

July 13, Hell Week starts for Gypsy. Cue-2-Cue during the day.
First Cast & Production crew meeting for Into The Woods

July 14, Major project kicks off at work
First full throatle run through of Gypsy.

July 15-17, Major project at work during the day,

July 18, Gypsy opens

July 19, Sleep in then Pirates, then Gypsy performance at night.

July 20, Gypsy matinee.

After that, I get my weekday evenings back.