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JohnO's Random Musings

June 25th, 2003

10:21 am - Fanime (http://www.fanime.com) is moving to Memorial Day weekend.

Okay, no official announcement but lots of LJ traffic and a very busy 2004 section of their own BBS.

Several folks I know have to make a choice between Fanime and Baycon.

Many are choosing Baycon</a>.

If you like Fanime, but are going to Baycon instead, let Fanime know.


I did.

I pointed out that I had a blast at Fanime.

I totaled how much I spent this year. (Reg, Dealers Room & Hotel Restaurant.)

I mentioned that I was planning on returning with a full weekend membership next year.

I mentioned that I was planning on volunteering.

I mentioned that I was planning on getting room at the hotel.

I made it clear that Baycon was my choice, if they do move to Memorial Day.
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