February 10th, 2003


Thrilling... NOT

LJ is a Black Hole list because one of its ISPs may be a spam haven.

As my employer evolves its anti-malware (anti-spam/virus/content) needs and searches for a product to fill those needs, and and the more I learn (beyond my old Brightmail experience), the more I hate spammers.

But at least they are "honest" thieves.

The whole extortion aspect of Black Holes is really slimy, mostly because they claim to wearing the white hats.

Meme de Meme

Blame blackwing for passing this one to me and I like this name too.

The haxor handle of JohnO is
"Crash Zombie".
What's yours? Enter your name:

Warning, this one creates complex HTML with several fancy settings style settings. I striped out most of what it generated.