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JohnO's Random Musings

February 10th, 2003

01:23 pm - And you thought video cameras filled the news with dreck?

The BBC wants your camera phone images of news events.

01:42 pm - Thrilling... NOT

LJ is a Black Hole list because one of its ISPs may be a spam haven.

As my employer evolves its anti-malware (anti-spam/virus/content) needs and searches for a product to fill those needs, and and the more I learn (beyond my old Brightmail experience), the more I hate spammers.

But at least they are "honest" thieves.

The whole extortion aspect of Black Holes is really slimy, mostly because they claim to wearing the white hats.

01:53 pm - Meme de Meme

Blame blackwing for passing this one to me and I like this name too.

The haxor handle of JohnO is
"Crash Zombie".
What's yours? Enter your name:

Warning, this one creates complex HTML with several fancy settings style settings. I striped out most of what it generated.
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