February 7th, 2003


Weekend Plans


Friday Dinner & Games with some friends.
They host it every Friday, but we only make it occasionally.


DDS appointment for me in the morning.
Costco run in the afternoon.
House Filk in the evening.


Work around the house, maybe squeeze in a run down to Lupin for the Photo Club meeting. I haven’t been to one since I joined, last MAY.

C may start costume hunting for Stage 1's production of Cinderella with the Costume Mistress.

(no subject)

My first response was anger, then a deep abiding sadness and pity when I saw this flier from Phelps about the Columbia tragedy. {{warning PDF}}

Think how shallow and worthless their lives must be, that they can only strike out at the world around them with hate.

Hell, I don't even laugh at them any more, I cry FOR them.

Gentle Reminder to All

{{Written for a Q&A community, but needs to be shared elsewhere.}}

No question is dumb or stupid.

Do not declare yourself as such, because you asked.

Do not declare the poster as such, because they asked.

Ignorance is curable.

Stupidity is not asking the question.

Dumb is berating someone for asking the question.