January 28th, 2003


I'm not a sports fan, but I could be a Bucs fan.

After watching last night's "Tonight Show", I really like the Bucs players.

Jay sent one of his quirky "Jay Walk" finds to the Super Bowl to do interviews. All of his encounters with Raiders were strained. His encounters with Bucs, fun.

Best line was his asking a Buc "Did you win because the Raiders were wussies?"

The response: "They are anything, but wussies. It was a hard game and they played well."

Then Jay had on the Quarter Back and on of the guys who made one of the interceptions and touchdowns.

They were polite and while not humble, they weren’t arrogant about being this year's Super Bowl winners.

I still don't like football, but I like the Bucs.

Great 1st Game.

Sharks win 3-1

All the goals were scored in the first 1/2 of the first period.

2nd period was lots of good game play, but nothing spectacular.

Final period was much more aggressive.

We were spoiled though. Open bar, polish dogs, chicken strips, hot wings, munchies, veggies, pizza, desert cart and margaritas.

Yes indeed, watching the game from the HP Suite, is a grand experience.