January 26th, 2003


What I did on "Super Sunday"...

Not much...

I planted a new rose bush in front of the house, then went over to some friend's to watch the TV coverage on their new big screen HDTV.

Was it worth it today, not really.

A couple of cute commercials (Pepsi & mLife), but no stunners. The only dot.com holdouts were Monster.com and HotJobs.com. Otherwise most of the commercials were yawners.

Santana's preshow concert was great. One of the singers kept getting distracted by Carlos' playing and kept messing up her lip syncing.

Celin Dion singing "God Bless America" [edit] was just wrong on several levels. [I don't know how good or bad a job she did, I left the room. I dislike her angsty style of singing.]

Dixie Chicks doing the National Anthem was great.

Half-Time was good, though we think Shania got stuck on the lifter, so she couldn't join Sting and Steffie for the final sing along.

And Bon Jovi as part of the after events, was just a waste. Though the Tampa Cheerleaders seemed to be having lots of fun just dancing around.

After Penn & Teller had several obvious chances to swap their "prediction", we returned home.

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"We're about to go to war with 2 different countries and the Marines are guarding pickles."

I think 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' has a chance.