December 11th, 2002


Spanish Big Brother...

Watched a bit of what we assume is the Big Brother from Mexico on Aztec TV.

Not that we have any Spanish, it was still fun to watch. Was one of the resident's BDay and they staged a surprise party. We watched till they switched to showing someone crying, not just few tears, but racking sobs, we changed away.

During the party they ran a scroll across the bottom of the screen. As best I could puzzle out, you can subscribe to a DirecTV channel that shows the 7x24 live feed.

Hmmm... Thinking about switching...


Me Bad, missed several this month...

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Here's to your day being filled with friends and joy.

Anniversary - 6 years of

Has it been that long???

12/11/1996 is when went on the air with announcements sent out to all the costumers for whom I had email addresses.

Unfortunately the Internet Wayback Machine only goes back to May 1998. So the first incarnation is lost, due to a disk crash a few years ago.