November 5th, 2002


Go Vote!!!

If you are in the US, today is election day.

Even if in your area, you're only voting for the local dog catcher or you live somewhere where everyone from the Governor on down is up for reelection, get out and exercise your rights

Don't know all the issues, then only vote the ones you know.

Vote in your friend as Dog Catcher and vote against the ass you don't want as Governor.

We just finished reviewing all our election materials.

This bodes well..

I voted at 9am and there was a line.

All voting machines in use.

I have some minor quibbles with the voting User Interface, but it is far and away much better then the old punch blocks or NO.2 pencil in the block formats.

On the negative side, one of my COWorkers doesn't vote cause "My voice doesn’t matter and all it does it get you on the jury roster."