October 4th, 2002


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New Semagic client out tonight. Version

1. New icons and splash made by jarrettJarett Heather. Thanx, Jarrett!
2. WinAmp3 support
3. Public groups

1. URLs to and were broken in preview
2. Default settings intersected with old entry settings while editing
3. Some others..

Welcome to my world.

bleaknimue, butterfly_smile, dafydd, deyo, drewkitty, gigglecam, joedecker, photognome, rmjwell, spikeymonkey, teaquarianand xsongbirdx

I haven’t check checked the changes to my friends list in awhile and I found a whole bunch of new friends.

Welcome to the new folks whom I don't know and {hugs} to those I know.

Don't expect deep insightful commentary (esp on Fridays), just the regular nattering of someone who's on LJ to be in communities or see friends journals.