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JohnO's Random Musings

October 2nd, 2002

11:23 am - Triple Header B-Days today.

October is a busy month for B-Days.

purplerabbits - Purple Rabbits
pywacket - The Crazy Cat Lady
liralen - Liralen Li

May your day be filled with friends and joy.

02:29 pm - Yet another B-Day today...

mattblakk's kid Blake. (aka "The B-Man")

May your day be filled with cake and candy,
and that the sugar crash hits, before your Daddy kills you. ;)

04:47 pm - The Laramie Project

If you want to attend a performance of "The Laramie Project"
it is playing at 3 theatres in the SF Bay Area:

Where and WhenCollapse )
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