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JohnO's Random Musings

September 4th, 2002

01:01 am - We love luxury.

Yes it cost $150 a night.
Yes, a soda cost $4 in the bar.

But DAMN, we loved staying in Fairmont San Jose.

The rooms were large.
The bathrooms were huge.
The beds comfortable.
Water pressure in the shower.
Maids and bellmen who showed up within 10 minutes of calling for a service.
Front desk staff that gave professional, courteous & prompt service even when I was dressed in TyeDye.

All in all, there was a different feeling at the Fairmont then the one I've felt at any Hilton or Hyatt (for twice the price).

We're looking forward to Torcon which is being held in the Fairmont Royal York

01:18 am - Quote of the Con...

Neil Gaiman won the Best Novel Hugo for American Gods.

His acceptance speech was the usual "thank you"s, but at the end of the speech he paused, he looked at the rocket like it was the first time he REALY saw it, and said:

I'm going to make you work for it...Collapse )

01:02 pm - Post-Con tip...

Don't have a 10am presentation scheduled for the first day back at work.

Especially when you're the presenter.

Very tired....
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