August 15th, 2002


I didn't expect to feel this way...

A few weeks back someone posted that Janis Ian had attended the Worldcon in Philly and had written a article about the experience.

Today I sent her a eMail that said in part:

I guess I've become jaded, because I spent the first part of the article going "What's her problem? Afraid of Connie Willis? Connie?!?!" Then I started remembering the feelings I had at my first cons and how nervous I was meeting the "greats" of my life.

and thanked her bringing back the memories and emotions of my first years.

I figured it would get filed as "Nice, but no reply needed" or a brief "Thanks", but she replied almost immediately with a nice note that she was glad her report helped me remember the newness of going to cons, that she is indeed attending ConJosé, she is much less nervous this year and wants to make sure she meets me.

Coolness!!! {bounce, bounce}

While not a rabid fan, Janis has been one of my favorite performers for many years.

Hey cadhla how do you think folks would react if I got her to come to a Filk circle?

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