July 12th, 2002


Going to be a busy weekend...

So I'll say this now.

7/13 - Happy Anniversary to lysana

Weekend Plans:

We have our friend TT visiting us for the weekend.

Friday: chriso is making her enchiladas tonight.
Good food and good conversation.


Morn: chriso and TT, go out the massive neighborhood garage sales.
I do household chores (clean the pool and hot tub, cut the lawn, etc)

Afternoon: Hide from the heat (maybe a movie)

Evening: We "abandon" TT to our friends S&J, while we go off to see the B-52's at the Mountain Winery.


Morning: chriso and TT, brave the garage sales again.

Afternoon: We have Dr J appointments

TT may join S&J at the Oakland Scottish Highland Games at the Dunsmuir Historic Estateor come with us to visit with Dr J.

Evening: Nice dinner out after Dr J and then home to more conversations with TT.

I'm am so out of here...

3 pages of ToDos today and I got them all done.

Major update to a Install Doc and all the little fidgety bits that occur when you reach the end the of a project.

I exited the tunnel 2 weeks ago.

Been slogging through the swamp since.

I can see the shore and I thing the level has dropped below my ass.

I just hope there are no sink holes or alligators hiding in the waters of the next 2 weeks.
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