June 28th, 2002


Upcoming weekend...


Costume sewing for Chris
Laundry and other house chores for Me

Banking energy for the weekend.


Stagecraft for me.
More sewing or costume fitting for Chris.

Birthday party for a young friend. He directly invited us himself, so we have to go. ;)

Yet more sewing for Chris.
Domestic stuff for Me.

Still banking energy for Sunday.


What we've been banking energy for...

Up at {{too damned early on a weekend}} to be on the first BART at 8am, into San Francisco, at 8:50am, to check in at the SF Pride Safety Monitor tent.

We will be Safety Monitors at the SF Pride Parade, on duty from about 9am till it's done.

If you attend, look for us in the loud, ugly and colorful shirts.
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