June 21st, 2002


Friday Five

Killing time before a meeting...

I first saw it in almus' LJ:

Friday Five
1. Do you live in a house, an apartment or a condo?

3 bedrooms
1 is a library/guest room, 1 is a office/storage room, the last is our sleeping room.

2. Do you rent or own?

Own, but the bank still has a 80% share.

3. Does anyone else live with you?

My Lady (chriso.
2 kittens (though they are almost cats now.)

4. How many times have you moved in your life?

13 (not counting in and out of dorms in college or barracks changes in the USAF)

5. What are your plans for this weekend?

Brittany's Graduation Party. (Please excuse the web page, I don't think she's updated it in years.)
Possibly Scooby Doo afterwards

Set building for Stage 1
Scooter's BBQ Review at Livermore Valley Cellars
KFOG Summer Picnic

ConJosé meeting (probably not)
Aquanettas at Lupin (maybe)
Finally finish cleaning pool. (if neither of the above)
More clearing of back yard debris. (maybe)
Flop and rest and recover (probably.)


'cause someone asked almus, and it got me thinking...

Year/Age Where to
1961/0 born in Izmur, Turkey move to Detroit, MI
1961/0 move to Winsor, Canada
1964/3 move to Detroit
1967/6 Mom divorces my Dad, move to different apt
1970/9 move to Rochester, MI
1973/12 move to Taylor, MI
1979/17 move to Allendale, MI for college (2 room changes)
1980/18 move to summer housing
1980/18 move back to dorm
1981/19 move to apartment
1982/20 move to apartment (previous roommate got married)*
1983/21 move to Gaylord, MI
1984/23 move to San Antonio, TX (USAF basic)
1984/23 move to Biloxi, MS (USAF Tech School) 3-room changes.
1984/23 move to Colorado Springs, CO
1985/24 move into apt.
1986/25 move to Woomera, Australia
1989/27 move to San Lorenzo, CA
1991/29 move to Fremont, CA
1993/32 move in chriso and S&J
1998/37 move our own home.

Hmmm, off by a few, 22 moves.

*Thus ending 10 years of continuous occupation of the apartment. Among other things, we found a "brown" stain on the carpet. In a _Odd Couple_ moment, we realize that's the original carpet color.