May 24th, 2002


SF Bay Area Anniversary

Not sure how accurate the date is, but approximately 13 years ago, I moved to the Bay Area.

Since May of 1989, there have been many changes in my life. Some good, some bad, some GREAT. While I'd like to have skipped the bad times, I would not give up the whole for anything in the world.

I March of 1989, I stepped off a plane from Australia. The moment I stepped on the floor of SFO, something inside said "I'M HOME!" Why a airport shouted home to me, I don't know.

After out processing from the Air Force at Travis AFB. I spent nearly 3 months visiting my Mom in Florida, family in Michigan, friends in Illinois & Colorado. I could have settled in any of the 4 areas I visited and gotten a good job, found a place to live, etc, but I wanted California.

JohnO - Transplant in full blossom.

Off to Baycon

One of the supervisors came around saying he was leaving at 2pm and didn't want any stragglers around.

I was able to get my planned work done by 2pm (I was aiming for 4pm, hoping for 5pm), so I'm OUT OF HERE!!!!

See many of you there, if nothing else on Sat at the BOF.

Others, I'll see ya Monday, if I'm not drawn into the Internet lounge and check from there.