May 21st, 2002


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With BayCon coming up, I created some LJ name badges:

LJ Badges

Feel free to link to them and use them at any event where LJers may be found.

For my Friends who will be at at BayCon, I'm willing to make a basic Name Only name badge.

I'll be printing them in color on card stock.

Let me know by 8pm Thursday what your preferred username and it's format.
You need to supply the badge holder.

I'll also be bringing at least 1 sheet (10 badges) of blanks.

More KFOG related activities

No we didn't win this time, just purchased the tickets ourselves. ;)

The KFOG Summer Picnic with Chris Isaak and Natalie Merchant, will be Saturday, June 22, at the Concord Pavilion (fill in whichever corporate sponsor it is). Not up close, but at least center of the house, a few rows up from the VIP box seats. Can't be too bad of view can it?

We are sort of breaking our "Middle Aged White Guys" concert going this summer.

Chris Isaak and Natalie Merchant
Wayne Brady

We might do the Stones in the fall.